FBI searching for Chris Cornell’s stalker after missed court date

Jessica Robbins was due to appear before court in New York on Tuesday (May 24)

The FBI are searching for Chris Cornell‘s stalker after she failed to turn up to a court hearing in New York earlier this week.

Jessica Robbins was due in federal court on Tuesday (May 24), but is said to have removed her court-ordered GPS ankle monitor and missed the hearing.

Robbins was charged with stalking Cornell in 2014 after allegedly sending hundreds of threats to both himself and his family online and made a seven hour journey to attempt to break into his home.

According to TMZ, the FBI have gained a bench warrant for Robbins’ arrest, with US marshals and Florida police trying to track her down.

Her last known location was in Tampa, Florida. Cornell is due to play in the state’s Clearwater and Jacksonville on June 16 and 17 respectively.


Recently, Cornell advised The Rolling Stones to “tell all their friends” to play Cuba.

The Soundgarden singer played a gig on the island in 2005, when he performed with Audioslave in 2005. Back then Audioslave had to spend $1 million to fund the Havana gig in the highly censored Communist country.

The Rolling Stones played a free show in Havana on March 25, which Cornell said he was “super happy” about in the run-up to the show.

“I was thinking British bands, Australian bands that have sold millions and millions of records that can afford to go play for this audience – how come no one has come?” The singer questioned. “And I sort of halfway assumed because we did it, in probably the most difficult way possible, people would follow, and I’m kind of surprised that it’s taken this long.”