Chris Cornell discusses struggles with depression in previously unheard 2007 interview

A new Chris Cornell interview has been unearthed, which features the late Soundgarden singer discussing his struggles with depression.

The grunge legend and Audioslave frontman was found dead in his hotel room on May 17, 2017. He was 52. His death was later confirmed as a suicide.
Now, a new episode of Mistress Carrie’s Side Piece Podcast for WAAF Boston has unearthed a previously unheard interview with the singer from 2007, in which he discusses his struggles with depression.

Asked if at the time he was experiencing “the happiest time”, Cornell says: “There’s no comparison, really. I’ve been very fortunate and had a fortunate life, but also a really chaotic life, and I’ve gone through some pretty dark periods – some of it self-imposed, some of it just losing close friends and people that I miss.


“Now, is something… I never even knew that this was a way that life can be like. Being happily married; having a family be part of my career, where it’s not a juggling act – where’s it’s just, ‘This is what we all do, together’. That makes it better!”

He went on to discuss the impact that change of lifestyle had on his 2007 solo album ‘Carry On’. “Writing songs for my record was unlike any experience I’ve ever had. Rather than going into a studio and being in a dark room – which is what I was used to – and writing alone, I was in the spare bedroom at home, and with my kids outside. I could hear them running around. I just focussed on what I was doing, and then had my family there. I never had that isolating feeling that I used to get, and part of that is what brought on depression for me sometimes. That’s just not part of my life anymore, which is fantastic.”

Listen back to the interview in full here, and hear Chris Cornell discuss his struggles with depression below.

Chris Cornell‘s family recently shared a Christmas video he made with his son Christopher before the musician passed away.

Cornell’s widow Vicky shared the video on his official Twitter page, explaining to fans: “Sharing a special Christmas video that Chris made with C 3 years ago for school.”


She added: “While the holidays will never be the same again without Chris, we will always remember his boundless love. Happy Holidays & thank you all for your much needed love and support.”