Chris Isaak covers Elvis, Johnny Cash, Roy Orbison on new Sun Studio tribute album

'Beyond The Sun' is set for release on January 23, 2012

Chris Isaak is set to cover tracks made famous by artists such as Elvis, Johnny Cash and Roy Orbison on his new album ‘Beyond The Sun’.

Set for release on January 23, 2012, the album was recorded at the iconic Sun Studio in Memphis, and sees Isaak taking on a number of classic songs recorded there in the 1950s by the founding fathers of rock’n’roll.

The album includes Isaak’s takes on Elvis’s ‘Trying To Get To You’, ‘I Forgot To Remember To Forget’, ‘Can’t Help Falling In Love’, ‘How’s The World Treating You’, ‘It’s Now Or Never’, ‘She’s Not You’ and ‘My Happiness’ as well as Johnny Cash’s ‘Ring Of Fire’ and ‘I Walk The Line’, Jerry Lee Lewis’ ‘Great Balls Of Fire’ and Roy Orbison’s ‘So Long I’m Gone’. The album also includes new song ‘Live It Out’.

Says Isaak of the album: “I always loved that music and I wrote songs in that spirit. You can go through all my songs and you won’t find one reference to goin’ to the bop. They’re about my life, not about nostalgia for the ’50s.”

“I came to a point where I felt like the time was right to do this record. I’d met all my heroes and worked with most of them, and I didn’t hear anybody else doing it the way I wanted to do it.”

Watch Chris Isaak perform ‘Ring Of Fire’ on Jimmy Kimmel Live! below: