Chris Martin filmed telling off “aggressive” autograph hunters outside venue

The Coldplay frontman told the small group who waited for him outside the Hollywood Palladium "don’t fucking shout at me"

Chris Martin has been captured on film telling off a small group of autograph hunters who he branded in the clip as “aggressive”.

The Coldplay frontman was met by a small group outside the Hollywood Palladium, where he had taken part in a charity gig, on Monday night (January 20) and took exception to the behaviour of some of those who had been waiting for him after the show.

TMZ has obtained footage of the incident, in which Martin can be heard telling the group “don’t fucking shout at me”.


Coldplay, Chris Martin
Chris Martin (Picture: Getty Images)

“It’s so aggressive… either ask nicely, or just fucking be polite. Treat humans with decency, you know what I mean?

“These are all going on fucking eBay,” he added, in reference to the autographs. “I always sign at least one each.”

Martin also asked the group to be respectful in the future as they don’t know what their favourite musicians might be going through when they’re approached after a gig. “I might have family shit or a shitty gig, which I did have, you know what I’m saying?”

Earlier this month, Martin acknowledged that Coldplay’s huge success has left the band with no further “career aspirations”.


“Our job is to translate the songs that we receive and get out there and be of use to people if they want it,” Martin said about his band. “We’ve got to be a service, like a TV station. Or a tap.”