Chris Martin wants Coldplay to perform on the Moon: “We would try anything twice”

To boldly go where no band has gone before...

Coldplay‘s Chris Martin has revealed his ambitions to perform on the moon.

The singer revealed that he’s willing to head to the final frontier, days after Coldplay unveiled their intergalactic new video for ‘Higher Power’.

However, he also admitted that the vacuum of space with no sound might prove to be a stumbling block if Coldplay are to boldly go where no band has gone before.


He told ‘The Zach Sang Show’: “Not many people have done it, that’s true. But isn’t there an issue that if you play on the moon no one can actually hear? I am ­confused about the atmosphere.

“We would try anything twice. I don’t mind any ridicule as I just speak what feels true to me. That is what we all have to do.”

While not quite a performance on the moon, the video for ‘Higher Power’ sees Coldplay exploring the otherworldly realms of a new planet.

Directed by Dave Meyers, who has previously worked with Taylor Swift and Billie Eilish, the video sees the band heading to a “colourful trash planet” called Kaotica, whose alien language features prominently throughout the video and across the ‘Higher Power’ artwork.


Once there, they encounter a wild selection of robot dogs, giant holograms and a street-gang of dancing aliens, performed by Seoul’s Ambiguous Dance Company.

The track was first unveiled last month and has already been streamed more than 75 million times across the globe.

Reports earlier this year also claimed that the band have been working on a new album called ‘Music Of The Spheres’.