Chris Martin wants to use emojis for new Coldplay song titles

"Let us have a picture of an apple for a song or something like that"

Chris Martin has claimed that he wants to use “emojis” as song titles for the next Coldplay album.

The frontman told Radio X that “service providers” aren’t so sure on the idea, but he’s hoping to use the animated images to represent a number of the band’s new tracks.

He told Chris Moyles: “We’re trying to have the first album with some tracks that have titles of just emojis.


“But it’s proving tricky because of all the service providers, some say, ‘You can’t do that’. You literally have ten million songs in one box. Let us have a picture of an apple for a song or something like that.”

Some of those songs could potentially feature in a new live set which is set to air on Coldplay’s official TikTok channel next Monday (May 24).

Coldplay perform live in January 2020 (Picture: Timothy Norris/Getty Images for

The band are set to play a short set live from London to support Red Nose Day USA, the country’s annual campaign to end child poverty. Coldplay’s first-ever live concert on TikTok will stream at 7pm BST (2pm ET/11am PT).

Coldplay opened the 2021 BRIT awards last week with a performance of ‘Higher Power’ from a stage on the Thames.


Martin and co. opened the ceremony with a lively performance that began with fireworks and featured dancing holograms. The group performed on a specially constructed riverboat stage on the Thames which overlooked the O2 Arena where the awards were being held.

While they are yet to announce a new album, reports from earlier this year suggested they are working on a record called ‘Music Of The Spheres’.

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