The programme, which mocked the tabloid hysteria surrounding paedophiles, has in itself sparked outrage...

The controversial episode of CHRIS MORRIS’ spoof news programme ‘BRASS EYE’, in which stars are hoaxed into backing a fake child welfare campaign, has provoked outrage in the UK since its broadcast last night (July 26).

As previously revealed on NME.COM, the new episode hoaxes several well-known music personalities in order to mock the recent tabloid hysteria surrounding paedophiles.

Much of the episode centres on fake risks posed by the Internet.


According to BBC News, thousands of callers dialled 192 directory enquiries following the show asking for Channel 4’s complaints department.

The show is due to be repeated early tomorrow morning at 12.10am. However, the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC) are putting pressure on Channel 4 to remove it from the schedules.

NSPCC Director and Chief Executive Mary Marsh issued a statement that reads: “This offensive programme trivialises child sex abuse. We were particularly outraged by spoof scenes of paedophilia and pornographic images of children.

“The NSPCC deals with many tragic cases in which children have been seriously damaged by sexual assault. The crimes committed by paedophiles against children and young people are among the most abhorrent in the criminal justice system.

“They are not a laughing matter and have no place in satire.”

The UK tabloid reaction has also been strong. A leader in this morning’s The Sun newspaper calls for Channel 4’s broadcasting licence to be revoked, and “the people responsible for this show must be shown the door immediately”.


NME.COM understands that at present there are no plans to remove the show from the schedules this evening, although a spokesperson for Channel 4 was unavailable at press time.

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