Phil Collins says he's considering taking legal action against the satirical show, which has yet to be shown...

Musicians including PHIL COLLINS have reacted angrily to CHRIS MORRIS’ new episode of ‘BRASS EYE’, where stars were hoaxed into backing a fake child welfare campaign.

As previously revealed on NME.COM, the new episode hoaxes several well-known music personalities in order to mock the recent tabloid hysteria surrounding paedophiles.

Much of the episode centres on fake risks posed by the Internet. Richard Blackwood is persuaded to tell viewers that if children touch a cartoon dog on their computer screen called Pandu a paedophile can become aroused, Phil Collins wears a T-shirt for the ‘Nonce Sense’ campaign and Kate Thornton unwittingly describes a fake Internet system used by paedophiles called HOECS – pronounced ‘hoax’.

Now, according to BBC news, Collins has taken legal advice over the episode, and has issued a statement saying he was misled.

He said: “I took part in the programme as I was very firmly led to believe it was part of a public service programme that would be going around schools and colleges in a bid to stem child abduction and abuse.

“I think the presenters of this programme have some serious taste problems when it comes to picking subjects to parody.

“I did this in good faith for the public benefit but unfortunately this will probably now affect many celebrities’ willingness to support public spirited causes in the future and it’s not difficult to see why.”

Speaking about the episode, Richard Blackwood commented: “I guess the joke is on us and also on every other charity working in the field of child protection. If you think that kiddie porn is funny you should have a good laugh.”

The program is due to be broadcast in the UK later this month.