The controversial comedian joins Mary Anne Hobbs - and there's sure to be fireworks...

Controversial comedian CHRIS MORRIS, creator of ‘THE DAY TODAY’, ‘BRASS EYE’, ‘BLUE JAM’ and ‘JAM’ is to appear on MARY ANNE HOBBS‘ Radio 1 show THE BREEZEBLOCK.

Morris will appear on the late night show from midnight on November 6. A spokesperson for Radio 1 would not elaborate on what Morris had planned for the show, although it will feature music and dialogue, created especially.

If Morris‘ previous output is an indicator, the Breezeblock session is likely to be controversial. His recent Channel 4 comedy series ‘Jam’ was branded “unacceptable” by the Broadcasting Standards Commission, who objected to comedy sketches which “went beyond the acceptable boundaries in their treatment of issues of particular sensitivity which required greater respect for the vulnerability of those depicted”.


Some of the sketches dealt with issues including the death of small children and abortion.

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