The controversial satirist will return to our screens again soon...

CHRIS MORRIS, the satirist behind the controversial ‘BRASS EYE’ series, will return to CHANNEL 4 next year with his first programme since 2001.

Tim Gardam, Channel 4 Director of Programmes, confirmed today (April 14) that Morris will return with a completely new series and a new concept.

Morris, whose ‘Brass Eye’ paedophilia special became the most complained about television programme in TV history when it aired in July 2001, told the Guardian he has decided to scrap ‘Brass Eye’.


He said the spoof documentary series would become “depressingly routine” if it were resurrected and revealed he was “staggered” by the credulity of the celebrities who took part in the series.

Morris also said it was unlikely he would make a programme about the war in Iraq.

He said: “People are thinking quite seriously about the war on terror. Don’t get me wrong, there are many eminently mockable things about it. I’m just not sure what you could do with it all.”

The controversy surrounding the ‘Brass Eye’ series reached fever pitch when Morris aired the paedophilia special, which was denounced by MPs and the NSPCC.

Morris launched his career in 1994 with the satirical news bulletin ‘The Day Today’ before making ‘Brass Eye’ and the surreal ‘Blue Jam’.

He was awarded a BAFTA earlier this year for his first short film, ‘My Wrongs 8245-8249 and 117’.