A Sunday newspaper report states that police are looking at the controversial 'paedophilia' show's content...

CHRIS MORRIS, maker of the ‘BRASS EYE’ programme which satirised media handling of paedophilia, could face a criminal prosecution over content of the show.

Police in London say they are consulting the Crown Prosecution Service over how to pursue a complaint from a member of the public about the programme.

According to a Sunday newspaper report, Scotland Yard are looking towards a prosecution under the Protection of Children Act. Charges would relate to the “taking, making and showing of indecent photos of youngsters”.


A police spokesperson was circumspect about any possible police probe, telling the BBC; “We are liasing with the Crown Prosecution Service to determine what, if any, further action is necessary.”

The ‘Brass Eye’ programme has provoked a storm of protest since it was broadcast first on July 26 and repeated the following night. Aside from several thousand who rang broadcaster Channel 4 to register their complaint, several celebrities who were duped into taking part have also been enraged. Phil Collins appeared on the show to endorse a scheme called ‘Nonce Sense’ . He faced a camera and said, “I’m talking nonce sense.” He initially threatened legal action after being fooled, but has since withdrawn the threat.