The 'Blue Jam' and 'Brass Eye' funnyman this times splices a speech to twist the words of the US president...

Controversial comedian CHRIS MORRIS is behind an Internet hoax which splices the words of speech by US president GEORGE W BUSH.

An MP3 file titled ‘Bushwhacked’, which is currently being hosted on the official Warp Records website, www.warprecords.com, has taken Bush’s recent speech from the White House in Washington that announced the start of the ongoing military action in Afghanistan, and spliced them into a different order to give his words an altogether different meaning.

The words are rearranged so Bush is heard to say the US have started attacking Great Britain, and “more than 40 countries in the Middle East”. The speech becomes increasingly surreal and also makes references to Bush’s father and former president George Bush.


A spokesperson for Warp Records confirmed Morris, who has been no stranger to controversy this year, was behind the hoax. He has previously released an album of his ‘Blue Jam’ comedy sketches via the label.

Earlier this year, Morris came under fire in the UK following the broadcast of an episode of his satirical news-spoof program ‘Brass Eye’, which looked at the relationship between the media and paedophiles.