The man behind Alan Partridge says people need to see the controversial show "in a more objective way"...

Comedy star STEVE COOGAN, best known for creating alter ego ALAN PARTRIDGE, has stepped in to support CHRIS MORRIS as the ‘BRASS EYE’ scandal grows.

MPs, including high ranking cabinet ministers, have slammed Morris over the show, claiming the satire on the media’s portrayal of paedophilia, screened by Channel 4 last week (July 26), had overstepped taste and decency bounds.

Coogan, who worked with Morris on TV spoof news comedy ‘The Day Today’, told this morning’s (July 31) Sun newspaper: “Chris produces thought-provoking and challenging comedy. People need to see the show in a more objective way.”

Phil Collins was amongst the stars who appeared on the show. Wearing a T-shirt emblazoned with the words ‘Nonce Sense’, he told viewers “I’m talking nonce sense”. He had initially threatened legal action before the show was screened over being publicly duped.