ROZZ WILLIAMS, the singer with seminal goth rockers Christian Death, has committed suicide...

Christian Death‘s former singer Rozz Williams has committed suicide at the age of 34. Williams who was seemingly enjoying a successful solo career hanged himself in his West Hollywood appartment. His body was discovered by his room mate Ryan Gaumer.

Bruce Duff of Williams’ label, Triple X Records, said that the singer hadn’t seemed depressed in recent days. “I saw him a week ago, I was hanging out in a club with him and he was partying and everything was fine. Most people I know were caught off guard: he didn’t leave a note, I don’t think there was any real warning, and you can only speculate as to why.”

Christian Death came to prominence in 1984 with their debut album, ‘Only Theatre Of Pain’, recorded when Williams was just 16. The band were often cited as an inspriration by Trent Reznor and Marilyn Manson.


Williams was an extremist – in every sense of the word – dabbling in cross-dressing, bi-sexuality, satanism and even christianity.

Following Christian Death’s break up he performed under a number of different guises among them, Shadow Project, Heltir, Premature Ejaculation and Dream Home Heartache which saw him imitating his idol, David Bowie. His latest album, ‘The Whorses’ Mouth’, is a spoken word disc in the vein of Jean Genet and Arthur Rimbaud.

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