Christina Aguilera releases new ‘Nashville’ track ‘Shotgun’ – listen

Singer is currently guest starring on the hit US show

Christina Aguilera is currently guest starring on US musical drama Nashville, and has now released the second of two tracks she recorded specially for the hit series.

As reported by Digital Spy, ‘Shotgun’, a country ballad, will be played on the show’s forthcoming new episode ‘The Storm Has Just Begun’, which will air in America tomorrow night (April 22). The song follows ‘The Real Thing’, which was released last week. Click below to listen.

Aguilera will star in three episodes in total as Jade St. John, the ex-fiancee of former record label boss Jeff Fordham. It marks a return to acting for the singer, who starred in the 2010 film Burlesque.

Speaking to ABC News last week, Aguilera described the character. “Jade St. John is a pop star, but her first love is in country and she really wants to make a country album,” she said. “And as she’s passing by town with her tour, she really takes the opportunity to sort of experience Nashville and make some contacts for herself. But really she’s just a huge fan of country and she just wants to dive right in.”

Aguilera also claimed that acting may be something she does more of in the future. “It definitely stirs the bug a little bit to get back in it but I’d never do it just to say I’m doing acting,” she said. “You know, I really do like to do characters that I can bring something to that I can discover maybe in myself.”

“Jade definitely makes me discover a new side to who I am and what more I have to offer, even as an artist, crossing into a little bit of experimenting with country,” she added. “So, it’s fun and it’s music and, you know, it’s all love.”

Aguilera is currently working on her eighth album, which will be produced by Pharrell Williams.