Steven Kurtz calls the action "transparent" and "misguided"...

Christina Aguilera‘s business manager has hit back at the fraud lawsuit filed against him by the singer last week, claiming the action is “nothing other than a transparent and misguided attempt by the star to avoid her financial and contractual obligations to me,” adding that AGUILERA has made “false, defamatory allegations against me and others who have steadfastly protected her best interests”.

In the statement, which it is believed may lead to a counter lawsuit against Aguilera, Steven Kurtz says he’s “very disappointed that Christina would wrongfully attempt to terminate our management contract when, during its term and under my management, she was awarded the Grammy for Best New Artist, each of her singles and albums achieved the No. 1 position on the Billboard charts, she sold over 10 million records, and had a successful headlining tour”.

Aguilera‘s initial lawsuit claims that she was persuaded by Kurtz to sign a deal which gave permission for Kurtz to claim 20 percent of the star’s “commissionable income”, and to hire other management staff without Aguilera being charged any extra. But, according to Aguilera, Kurtz hired both his father and an associate and paid them “in addition to and above and beyond” the agreed 20 per cent.


“Knowing Christina‘s intelligence and independent mind, I am hopeful that, upon reflection, Christina will question the motives of those persons who have encouraged her to pursue this baseless litigation and isolated her from those who have contributed to her success,” Kurtz adds. “However, if Christina chooses to ignore the truth and her own better instincts and continues to dishonour my years of hard work and devotion to her very rewarding and successful career, I am ready, willing, and able to protect my rights and to see redress for any damage to my professional reputation.”


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