The star takes the unprecedented step of issuing a statement on her website denying any involvement in the saucy goings-on...

Christina Aguilera has moved to deny the validity of pornographic videos circulating on the Internet claiming to be of the elfin star.

In an unprecedented move, Christina Aguilera has posted a statement on her website challenging the videos.

“It has recently come to our attention that certain pornographic websites are posting sexually explicit photographs and video footage on the Internet fraudulently representing that it is Christina,” the statement reads. “The video clips advertised on the websites are of a woman with blonde hair shown only from the back – the person in the video is not Christina.”

The statement goes on: “In addition, the person who claims to have taken the video is not, and has never been, associated with Christina or her management. Christina’s legal representatives have contacted the website hosts, and Christina plans to vigorously pursue all necessary action against the individuals responsible, including, if necessary, initiating criminal proceedings. We regret that there are individuals who engage in such fraud with no regard for the injury to Christina’s feelings or reputation.”

It is unclear at present just what action Christina Aguilera will take. The Internet is littered with sites that claim to carry pornographic films or images of stars such as her or Christina Aguilera, though only a few bother to explain that they are fabrications.

Christina Aguilera will be amongst the stars playing at the closing ceremony of the Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City on February 24.