More than a dozen viewers offended by the pair's antics on CD:UK...

Television performances from CHRISTINA AGUILERA and HOLLY VALANCE on Saturday music show CD:UK led to a host of complaints that their routines were ” too suggestive”.

Valance and Aguilera both appeared on the show, broadcast at 11am on October 12.

According to the regulator ITC, more than a dozen viewers complained on grounds of taste, saying the “performances were too suggestive for a programme broadcast at this time”.

However, on passing judgement, they found that the program was not in breach of the program code.

A report released states: “The ITC sympathised with the viewers’ concerns. Undoubtedly some performers and music videos are more suggestive than in the past, reflecting considerable changes in society with regard to sexual behaviour as well pop music’s inherent ‘boundary pushing’ nature. There will always be some performers who deliberately court controversy for one reason or another. However regular monitoring by staff found that such performers did not dominate the programme.”