The star cites improper use of her name and license on the upcoming LP 'Just Be Free'...

CHRISTINA AGUILERA has issued a lawsuit against a former record label in an attempt to block the release of some of her earliest recordings.

The singer filed the suit in California last week against Warlock Records and affiliates Platinum Recordings and JFB Music citing improper use of her name and license on upcoming album ‘Just Be Free’. The album, due for release on June 19 in the US, features tracks the singer recorded for demos when she was 14.

“We’re trying to stop them from releasing these early recordings which is not the quality she is associated with right now,” Aguilera‘s lawyer Carla Christofferson told MTV.COM. “They are trying to boot strap on the success of Christina Aguilera.”

Warlock have filed a counter suit in New York in order to see the release goes ahead.