Christina Aguilera unveils new song ‘The Real Thing’ – watch

Singer is due to appear on ABC drama 'Nashville' tomorrow (April 15)

Christina Aguilera has unveiled a new song she’s recorded for ABC drama Nashville.

The track ‘The Real Thing’ is one of two tracks she is recording for the hit series. You can listen to the song below.

Aguilera will appear in the show as Jade St. John tomorrow (April 15). The singer has also recorded the song ‘Shotgun’. Both are expected to be performed on the series. The songs will be released as singles on April 21.

Aguilera is currently working on her eighth album, which will be produced by Pharrell Williams.

She said: “During my pregnancy, I had a meeting with him and just connected on where I want to take the next album, and we started talking music, and he has one song in particular that I love.”

Meanwhile, Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl in the past criticised TV talent shows because they “make everyone sound like fucking Christina Aguilera”.

Grohl told NME: “I think people should feel encouraged to be themselves. That’s what bums me out about those shows where people are judged so harshly by fucking musicians that hardly even play an instrument on their own fucking albums. It makes me really mad.”

He added: “I swear to God, if my daughter walked up onstage and sang her heart out and some fucking billionaire looked at her and said, ‘No, I’m sorry you’re not any good,’ I’d fucking throttle that person, I swear to God. Who the fuck are you to say what’s good or bad?”

“The next time someone says you’re not a good singer say: ‘Fuck You’. I interviewed Neil Young and he said in his band someone said to him: ‘The band’s really great, but honestly you shouldn’t be the singer.’ If Neil Young had listened to that person then we wouldn’t have had any Neil Young.”