What the starlet really wants is a collaboration with Timbaland...

CHRISTINA AGUILERA is likely to be working with PUFF DADDY on her next album, but is setting her sights even higher with hopes of a collaboration with R&B producer TIMBALAND.

She says, “I’m going to be working with a lot of people. Puffy actually called me the other day to get on it, and I’d love to be working with Timbaland too, and a lot of different producers. I can’t wait to sink my teeth into it and really get going on it, because it’s going to be a whole different project. I’m really excited to get into it.”

Aguilera will indeed be working with a number of producers on the album, which is likely to include her forthcoming Ricky Martin duet ‘Nobody Wants To Be Lonely’, based on the track on Martin’s current album ‘Sound Loaded’.


“An incredible music and career opportunity has come up for me to record a duet with Ricky Martin,” she told disappointed fans expecting a webchat with her recently. “Because our schedules are so crazy this was the only opportunity we both had to get together.”

Christina’s album, as yet untitled, is expected for a summer 2001 release.

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