Hurrah! Another pop catfight. Over to Britney...

In the latest of this year’s peculiar pop bitching displays, CHRISTINA AGUILERA has registered her annoyance with what she sees as an inappropriate emphasis on image in the music industry while speculating that the war between herself and BRITNEY SPEARS could only come to an end years in the future.

“Unfortunately,” Christina muses, “pop often is about eye candy. My record company told me to have straight hair even though I prefer it curly. Crazy! Image is way over-rated.”

She adds: “My songs are as good if not better than Britney’s. She gets more publicity though. The acid test will be to see who survives the longest.”

Britney is maintaining a dignified silence on the matter. Other popstars slagging each other off this year so far include Boyzone, the Spice Girls, the Dum Dums, Damage, George Michael and Five.