Christina Aguilera’s lawyer denies child abuse allegations

Singer's legal representative insist she's a "wonderful mother" after picture of her son with a black eye appears online

Christina Aguilera‘s lawyer has accused a celebrity gossip site of being “reckless and unconscionable” after they posted a picture of her son with a black eye and accused the singer of child abuse.

The website MediaTakeOut published a picture of the singer’s three-year-old son, Max, accompanied by the caption: “Child abuse?? Christina Aguilera’s son is photo’d with a black eye!!!”

However, they have now removed the headliner after Aguilera‘s lawyer Eric Greenspan sent them a letter insisting that the injury was sustained when her son “fell and hurt himself” in a park.

In his letter, Greenspan wrote:

To imply that she [Aguilera] had something to do with this incident, without any investigation on your part whatsoever, is reckless and unconscionable. Christina is a wonderful mother and was not present in the park when Max fell and hurt himself.

MediaTakeOut responded by removing any allegations of child abuse and posting a message underneath the picture which read:

Christina‘s peeps (aka lawyers) reached out to us. They assure us that the boy’s injury was caused by a playground accident. Well, there you have it.

Aguilera found herself at the centre of another controversy earlier this year, when she was arrested in west Hollywood for public drunkenness (March 1), with reports claiming that the singer was “extremely intoxicated” and “unable to take care of herself”. However, she later claimed that she was a “victim of celebrity” and “committed no crimes”.

In June, meanwhile, she also admitted to being unfaithful during her marriage to former husband Jordan Bateman, confessing that “we were both not angels”. The pair separated in 2010.