Christine and The Queens hits out at “sexist narrative” and clarifies criticism of Taylor Swift video

Heloise Letissier has spoken out

Christine and The Queens’ singer Heloise Letissier has clarified her position after she criticised Taylor Swift over her LGBTQ anthem ‘You Need To Calm Down’.

Speaking in an interview with Cosmopolitan last month, Letissier said she wasn’t impressed by Swift’s video featuring a roster of gay stars including Queer Eye’s Fab Five.

She said that she was “conflicted” at the time” and stressed that “the core of the queer aesthetic cannot be sold.”


Now, she has said that the resulting coverage was deduced to “the sexist narrative of a cat fight” and explained that it was never meant to be a direct dig at Swift.

“I didn’t comment on that situation because as it happened I thought ‘Oh there it goes,” she said in a new interview.

“The old trope of women being pitted against each other. This was not even a conversation aimed at someone specific. When I said ‘Queer cannot be sold’, I really truly do believe it. It’s not even a diss. It’s just a reality because I do believe that queer itself is a deconstruction of capitalism, so it cannot be digested.

“So then I was like, ‘Oh really original’. To make it about two women hating each other when it’s actually not the case because I believe in sisterhood.”

She added: “I don’t actually want to stop saying those things though. When I started I remember it was actually tougher to speak about those issues, especially in France. ”


Christine later concludes: “I will always remember that queer is dangerous and talk about that because it saved me at a point in my life.”

Swift’s video also faced criticism from NME, who said: “Swift’s casting of homophobes as stereotypical rural types with unkempt hair, missing teeth and misspelt signs (“homasekualty is sin!” reads one slogan) – feels to be missing the point. Besides the sign-waving antics of the Westboro Baptist Church, this is not what homophobia usually looks like. As we’ve been reminded in recent months, you can’t spot a homophobe on sight (though that’d certainly make avoiding them a lot easier).”

Last week, Swift released ‘Beautiful Ghosts’, her new ballad from ‘Cats’.


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