Christine and the Queens searches for a higher power on ‘Doesn’t Matter’

Not many people can turn introspective lyrics about whether there is a higher power into a certifiable bop, but that’s what Christine and the Queens has done on ‘Doesn’t Matter’. The follow up to the salacious, funk driven ‘Girlfriend’, this is, in the musician’s own words, “a crisis song”.

The latest offering from the French star’s second album ‘Chris’ (due to be released in September), on ‘Doesn’t Matter’ we see her question it all. Speaking to NME, she previously explained that her debut album felt “like an introduction”, with the second record meaning she “can dive deeper”. That’s exactly what she’s done.

This song is a cathedral, with a rhythm as unalterable as white stone,” Héloïse Letissier explains. “The bass line, I remember playing it for hours, as if to rock myself.” And you feel it. The slinky bass line drives ‘Doesn’t Matter’ forward, grounding the track amongst the querying lyrics, skittish dance beats and ethereal synths. “It doesn’t matter, does it / If I know any exit / If I believe in God and if God does exist,” she boldly evangelises in the stadium-ready chorus; a stark change in tone to the grooves and pop-tinged music of the song, but it only adds to the divide between humans and God that Christine and the Queens is lyrically questioning.


This is further addressed in the accompanying video. Here we see Christine and another dancer locked in a struggle, physically depicting the struggle between humans and God. It’s eerily beautiful, uncomfortable to watch, but you won’t be able to turn away.

In a sea of EDM-riddle pop songs that all seem to be about trying to chirpse a fit bae in the club, ‘Doesn’t Matter’ is a welcome respite, proving you can create an earworm which also tackles some weighty subject matter. In amongst a sea of pop princes and princesses, Christine remains in her throne as Queen.

‘Chris’ will be released on 21 September 2018.

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