Christine & The Queens’ discusses ‘sweaty, more sexual and tougher’ new album

'It will still be really sad, because I'm just me, but I'll be properly able to dance on it all the time'

Christine And The Queens has revealed that she’s progressing well with her second album – telling NME that it will be ‘sweaty, more sexual and tougher’. Watch our video interview with her above.

The French pop sensation attended the VO5 NME Awards 2017, where she took home Best International Female and Best Track for ‘Tilted‘, where she told NME that she was ‘working quite heavily and plotting’ her second album.

“This one was a debut album for me, so it feels just like an introduction,” she told NME. “Now we can dive deeper.”


She continued: “I’ve been writing since it was out, so I do have many songs now and I have to choose. It’s not really difficult though, because I know where I want to make Christine go. I know where she’s going to be, who she’s going to be, who she’s going to be in love with and what she will be angry for.”

Speaking of the sound of her next record, Heloise Letissier  told NME: “I can’t really tell much, because then that would spoil the fun –  but it will definitely be more sweaty and tougher. Maybe more high-tempo, but still really sad because I’m just me and I’m just sad deep down, but I’ll be properly able to dance on it all the time.”

Bella Howard

When asked about the lyrical inspiration of the album, she replied: “I just want to be someone who desires. I think it’s interesting to think about the one female character who desires and is really lusting after them, like a male rockstar could be. I want to be that tiny desiring thing – sexual, but then I’m here again to define what it means to be sexual. I’m not there to do what’s been done.”

Letissier also said that she had been inspired by recent political events and the rise of the far right.

“I can’t tell much, but yeah,” she told NME. “I even had ideas before that that resonated with the nightmare that we’re in. I was already trying to find solutions for what was going to happen. As artists, we just listen to the vibe of it all. Donald Trump was elected but before that we had warnings. I have my ear to the ground all the time and I could hear something approaching. Trump is not the worst thing that’s going to happen – it could be even worse than that, so we have to stay awake.”