Christine & The Queens reveal new Apple Music documentary ‘Chris’

“‘Chris’ is actually me being comfortable in the mess."

Christine & The Queens has announced details of a new Apple music documentary.

Ahead of releasing new album ‘Chris’ later this month, Héloïse Letissier has confirmed that a new documentary will offer answers to the mystery that has surrounded the album’s titular alter-ego.

“Identity is a constant construction, you have to reassess all the time and redefine it,” she said.


“‘Chris’ is actually me being comfortable in the mess.”

It’s due to premiere in Paris on September 13, and worldwide via Apple Music on September 14. You can watch a new trailer for the documentary below.

Earlier this year, the singer revealed that identity is a key theme of her new album, explaining that she was “fascinated” by Michael Jackson and Eminem’s ‘Slim Shady’ alias, describing it as “a great concept to be a force of chaos!”

“I’m fascinated by the tragic life of Michael…The will to alter his identity, to become something that wasn’t even human. Not black or white, male or female. He disappeared into his work”, she explained.

The star said she initially “invented” the concept of Christine as a coping mechanism.


“I invented ‘Christine’ as a survival technique to deal with many things. I felt it would save me. Then people started to listen to the album, so I thought, ‘Am I going to be healed?’ But it doesn’t work like that. I am more armed, but still have the same sadness.”

“When I started to write music, I desperately wanted to relate to people,” she continues. “But when I became famous, I could relate less. I thought, ‘Oh, am I trapped in my own creation?’ I was really lonely.”

‘Chris’ is set for release on September 21.


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