A bunch of Christmas Goodies just for you...

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NME.COM would like to wish everyone of its readers a

Merry Christmas for 2000. As you’re tucking into your Xmas pudding and

enjoying the umpteenth re-run of your least favourite movie ever –

knock all that on the head and chow down on the following feasts of

festive loveliness:

Don’t miss the special Xmas present from NME.COM – 18 different

desktop wallpapers featuring your favourite bands –

[url=]click here

Don’t miss Steven Wells own acerbic and well,

plain, unhelpfully destructive instructions on how to survive

Christmas – click here

We hope that you’ve got all the pressies you want including the

best albums of the year – you can see the full NME.COM rundown

by – clicking


Don’t miss NME.COM Images Of The Year – a top ten countdown of the

most striking and important images from 2000 – and you can send them

all as E-cards! –

click here

And of course there’s the Videos Of The Year – a top ten

countdown of the best of NME.COM’s video interviews

from the year – featuring a host of musicians in various random states

of disrepair –

click here

Don’t miss the festive questions we’ve been putting to Badly Drawn Boy, Bloodhound Gang and loads more – every day until the New Year – click here

Watch out for all the all new, all exclusive features coming in 2001.

Anthony Thornton

Editor, NME.COM

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