Christopher Owens shares new song ‘Stephen’ – listen

The former Girls frontman calls the track 'unlike anything I've ever worked on'

Christopher Owens has shared a new song, ‘Stephen’, online.

Click below to listen to the track, which Owens said on Twitter is “a song unlike anything I’ve ever worked on”.


The former Girls frontman released his debut solo LP ‘Lysandre’ in 2013. Earlier this year Owens stated that he has made another album already with “dear friends”, sharing another song ‘It Comes Back To You’ and tweeting: “Here’s a song from a new album I’ve made with dear friends, it’s thrilling for me to finally be able to share this – XO”.

Girls were comprised of Owens and bassist Chet “JR” White. Their debut, 2009’s ‘Album’, was followed by the EP ‘Broken Dreams Club’ in 2011 and lastly ‘Father, Son, Holy Ghost’. Owens quit the band in July 2012, citing “personal reasons” for his decision.

Speaking to NME about it, he commented: “When we very first started [Girls], we were both very clear that we had a very specific goal for the band and that if it didn’t work out we would end it. We jumped in very quickly in the beginning because people liked what we recorded together and put on the internet, so we just put together a live band. We always believed that at some point that we would find the right people and they would stay forever but unfortunately we didn’t.”

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