Christopher Owens to give away free acoustic version of ‘Lysandre’

The eight-track LP will also be released as a special 10-inch vinyl

Christopher Owens is giving away a free acoustic version of his debut solo album ‘Lysandre’.

The former Girls frontman, who released ‘Lysandre’ in January, has put the eight-track album on his website here. A limited number of 10-inch vinyl versions of the album will also be released on May 20.

The tracklisting to ‘Lysandre Acoustic’ is:


‘Here We Go’
‘New York City’
‘A Broken Heart’
‘Here We Go Again’
‘Love Is In The Ear Of The Listener’
‘Everywhere You Knew’
‘Part Of Me (Lysandre’s Epilogue)’

‘Lysandre’ is named after a girl Owens met in France and details the first tour of Europe Girls ventured on in 2008. Speaking about the album, Owens commented previously: “‘Lysandre’ could easily be mistaken as an album about a love affair. But it’s much more than that.” Read NME‘s review of it here.

Girls were comprised of Owens and bassist Chet “JR” White. Their debut album, 2009’s ‘Album’ was followed by the EP ‘Broken Dreams Club’ in 2011 and most recently ‘Father, Son, Holy Ghost’. Owens NME about the split he commented: “When we very first started [Girls], we were both very clear that we had a very specific goal for the band and that if it didn’t work out we would end it,” Owens says. “We jumped in very quickly in the beginning because people liked what we recorded together and put on the internet, so we just put together a live band. We always believed that at some point that we would find the right people and they would stay forever but unfortunately we didn’t.”