Chromeo share coronavirus-themed EP ‘Quarantine Casanova’

Proceeds will be going to the Know Your Rights Camp COVID-19 relief fund

Chromeo have have released a new EP of coronavirus-related tracks, with all proceeds going to charity.

The Canadian electro-funk duo, comprised of Dave 1 and P-Thugg, have been sharing individual songs for the past few months – including ‘6 Feet Away’ and ‘Clorox Wipe’ back in April – that adapt the pair’s usual suave lyrical themes for the social distancing age.

“Honestly, it started as a joke,” singer Dave 1 said in a statement, explaining that the songs began from freestyling and quickly became popular with fans.


“As usual, it’s a high brow-low brow thing with us,” P-Thugg added. “These are obviously the funniest tracks we’ve ever written, but they connected in such a visceral way.”

Chromeo. CREDIT: Rich Fury/Getty Images

The EP explores the perils of romance and boredom under lockdown, with ‘6 Feet Away’ including the lines: “They’re gonna scream at us if we’re talking too close/ But I’m alone in my house and it’s you I need the most/ When it’s all over I won’t miss this/ Right now I’ma go the distance/ I’m just gonna love you from six feet away.”

Check out ‘Quarantine Casanova’ on Bandcamp or stream the album below.

Other songs from off of Quarantine Casanova include ‘Stay in Bed (And Do Nothing),’ ‘‘Roni Got Me Stressed Out’ and ‘Cabin Fever’.


All of the proceeds from the sale of physical and digital copies of the EP and merchandise will be donated to Colin Kaepernick’s Know Your Rights Camp COVID-19 relief fund. Chromeo explained that the decision was made “in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement and in recognition of COVID-19’s disproportionate impact on Black and POC communities.”