Johnnie Johnson claims he's owed royalties and songwriting credits on some of Berry's greatest hits...

CHUCK BERRY is being sued by fellow musician and songwriter JOHNNIE JOHNSON over alleged royalties and songwriting credits owed on some of the rock and roll legend’s greatest hits.

Johnson, who is the Johnnie in Berry’s most famous hit ‘Johnnie B. Goode’, filed a suit in St. Louis Federal District on Wednesday (November 29) seeking a share of monies “from numerous Johnson/Berry-composed songs, for which Johnson never received proper credit or royalties”.

Johnson is also seeking damages. Amongst the tracks he claims to have co-written without any credit are ‘Roll Over Beethoven’, ‘No Particular Place To Go’, ‘Rock and Roll Music’ and ‘Sweet Little Sixteen’. The Allstar site, [url=], also reports that Johnson is the subject of a forthcoming Atlantic Records tribute album.