New York police officers edit Wikipedia page of Chumbawamba to list themselves as members

Cops from the NYPD also made contentious amendments to pages relating to police brutality cases

It has emerged that police officers from the New York Police Department have used the force’s work network to edit several Wikipedia pages, including that of 90s band Chumbawamba.

As Rolling Stone reports, the IP address of the NYPD has been logged on a number of Wikipedia entries. These range from contentious amendments made to pages relating to police brutality cases to a change made to the Wikipedia page of Rush singer Geddy Lee.

One particular change includes amending the ‘Death of Eric Garner’ entry to read “Use of the chokehold is legal, but has been prohibited” instead of the original “Use of the chokehold has been prohibited”. Meanwhile, the Geddy Lee change included the amendment of what year Lee’s bass guitar was made.


The most surprising edit, however, comes with the addition of three names to the list of members of Chumbawamba, best known for their 1997 hit ‘Tubthumping’. A NYPD computer is reported to have added three names – Danny Levine, Paul Law, and Mark Kraljevic – to the list, all of which relate to current NYPD officers.

Chumbawamba split in 2012, reforming briefly to release their album ‘In Memoriam: Margaret Thatcher’ a year later.

Upon hearing news of the band’s split via NME’s Twitter account at the time, Former Deputy Leader of the Labour Party John Prescott tweeted: “Chumbawho? ‪#currentlyresidinginthewherearetheynowfile‬”, a dig at the band, whose member Danbert Nobacon tipped a bucket of water over his head at the 1998 Brit Awards ceremony.

Watch Chumbawamba’s video for ‘Tubthumping’ below.