JOHN PRESCOTT, Deputy Prime Minister, has called Chumbawamba's Brit Awards attack on him a "cowardly publicity stunt"...

JOHN PRESCOTT, Deputy Prime Minister, has labelled Chumbawamba’s drenching attack on him and his wife at last night’s Brits Awards ceremony in London an “utterly contemptible” and “cowardly” publicity stunt.

Danbert Nobacon, singer with the veteran anarcho-punks who’ve suddenly found themselves global popstars thanks to mega-sales of their ‘Tubthumping’ single, leapt on to a table where Prescott and his party were watching award-winners Fleetwood Mac perform.

The singer emptied an ice-bucket of water over the Deputy PM in an act Prescott this morning called “a deplorable incident”. Earlier, the band had opened the ceremony by performing ‘Tubthumping’ onstage but changed a section of the lyrics to: “New Labour sold out the dockers just like they sold out the rest of us” in reference to the striking Liverpool dockers.


Chumbawamba singer Dunstan Bruce wore a T-shirt during their performance sporting the slogan ‘Sold Out’. Afterwards, he commented: “We are aware that this industry sucks. The reason we are in a band is not to get pats on the back from the industry but because we think we’ve got something to say and we want to say it. We are doing this only to say something worthwhile.” The band’s guitarist Boff added that Nobacon and Prescott had a long-running “thing”.

The full statement from Mr Prescott’s office reads:

“The Deputy Prime Minister thinks this was a deplorable incident. It was totally unacceptable public behaviour.

“It now appears that it was a publicity stunt designed to draw attention to the group’s act. He thinks it utterly contemptible that his wife and other womenfolk should have been subjected to such cowardly, terrifying behaviour simply because they were accompanying a public figure at an event designed to support the British music industry.”

Chumbawamba flew out of the UK tonight (Tuesday) to begin a tour of Japan.

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