The agit pop anarchists celebrate the imminent release of new album 'WYSIWYG' with a live performance here on

Chumbawamba play live for an exclusive and [url=]VirtueTV webcast to be broadcast tonight (March 28) at 20.00 GMT.

The show celebrates today’s release of ‘She’s Got All The Friends’, the first single from their forthcoming album ‘WSIWYG’ (‘What You See Is What You Get’), which is out on April 17, also through EMI. [url=]

Click here to see the webcast.


The gig will come live from The Rocket on London’s Holloway Road.

During a long checkered career, Chumawamba rose from obscurity after meeting in a squat in their native Leeds during 1984 to eventually sign to multinational EMI in 1997 – despite their anarchist beliefs.

However, they reached notoreity in 1997 with their huge hit ‘Tub Thumping’ and their infamous soaking of Deputy PM John Prescott at the 1998 Brit Awards Ceremony.

Chumbawamba’s new album, is packed with 22 tracks, some lasting a matter of seconds, ‘WYSIWYG’ finds the band back on familiar ground, taking broadsides at establishment figures they feel need bringing down a peg or two. With track titles such as ‘The Physical Impossibility of Death In The Mind Of Jerry Springer’, ‘Dumbing Down’ and ‘Social Dogma’, the band apppear to be as angry and driven as ever.

One track that won’t make the album is ‘The Passenger List For Doomed Flight 1721’, the B-side of ‘She’s Got All The Friends’. ‘The Passenger List…’ details names of those Chumbawumba would like to see perish in an air diaster. Names mentioned include Ally McBeal, Bono, Nicky Wire, Home Secretary Jack Straw, Courtney Love, Virgin boss Richard Branson and Bill Gates.

Come back to tomorrow to log on for the show.

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