Chumbawumba take on the government again, a year later...

Chumbawamba have slammed organisers of next week’s Brit Awards for once again cosying up to New Labour by inviting Tony Blair‘s wife and children to the ceremony next week.

Bassist Boff rang NME and stormed: “It’s quite ironic that the kids are going along to have a lovely time when normal kids are being thwarted at every turn by New Labour, what with student fees, welfare to work, curfews and so on.

“It’s such a stark contrast that these children were opted out of the state system to be educated when their father’s taking away grants and maintenance fees for people who can’t afford to go to university. “Labour are trying to appear cool via the kids, and the kids are just being used. It’s all very cynical.”


Boff said it was a disgrace that an event supposedly celebrating the music industry, which is traditionally the domain of the young, should allow Labour to be in a position to feed off the carcass of Cool Britannia on one hand, while holding down the youth of the nation with the other.

The premier’s wife Cherie and their children Euan, 15, Nicholas

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