The group have re-recorded 'Enough Is Enough' - and you can download it here...

Chumbawamba have re-recorded their anti-fascist anthem ‘ENOUGH IS ENOUGH’ as a “gesture of solidarity towards Austrian anti-fascists” – and the band have made the track available for free download as an MP3 on

The track was originally recorded in 1994 as a collaboration with rapper MC Fusion of Birmingham band Credit To The Nation.

In light of recent events in Austria, where far right leader Jorg Haider was elected in a coalition government as part of the far right FPO, Chumbawamba have decided to update the lyrics to the song and re-record it under the title ‘Enough Is Enough (Kick It Over)’.


Instead of releasing the song commercially, the band plan to give it away free, and already have done at gigs in Austria on June 23 and July 8.

Speaking about their reasons for the re-recording of the track, Chumbawamba said: “We have no plans to make a commercial release of ‘Enough Is Enough’, the CD is a gesture of solidarity towards Austrian anti-fascists…Pop culture isn’t neutral. Chumbawamba are joining with anti-fascists in calling Enough Is Enough.”

To download the MP3, Click here.