Chung Ha drops debut full-length album ‘Querencia’

Watch the video for 'Bicycle' here

The long wait is over – K-pop singer Chung Ha has finally dropped her debut full-length album ‘Querencia’.

The album takes its name from the Spanish word, which Chung Ha previously described in a press release as “a place from which one’s strength is drawn, where one feels at home; the place where you are your most authentic self”. ‘Querencia’ consists of 21 tracks, including four interludes, one outro and the pre-release singles ‘Stay Tonight’, ‘Play’ with CHANGMO, ‘Dream Of You’ with R3HAB and ‘X’.

The record dropped alongside a glamorous music video for title track ‘Bicycle’. The clip features the K-pop singer performing in a myriad of luxury outfits, ranging from Chanel to Louis Vuitton, while showcasing her powering choreography. The visual also features a dance break section that’s not featured on the studio version of the song.


Watch it below.

In the weeks prior to the release of ‘Querencia’, the artist posted four audio snippets from the album, corresponding to the various sections of the album: ‘Noble’, ‘Savage’, ‘Unknown’ and ‘Pleasures’. She also revealed the titles of the tracks included in each side of the album.

The record’s drop was originally slated for release on January 4, but was delayed in order for Chung Ha to recover from COVID-19 after testing positive in December 2020.

The Produce 101 alum began her journey as a solo artist after her former girl group I.O.I. disbanded in 2017. Since then, she released four solo EPs: ‘Hands on Me’, ‘Offset’, ‘Blooming Blue’, and ‘Flourishing’.

Hours after the album’s release, Chung Ha held a global roundtable press conference to discuss ‘Querencia’. During the session, she explained the title had come from her therapist, who had challenged her to think of the place where she felt the most like herself.


“At that moment, I gave her the cheesiest answer I could think of,” the singer explained. “I was like, ‘My bed!’ But then I started to think what my querencia would be and I thought it would be my album because I spent the most time with it.

“I had personal issues in 2020 – as you know, I was sick [with COVID-19] and I had other personal issues throughout 2020 too. Throughout that, what helped me the most was my album so I thought I should name it ‘Querencia’.”

The star added that her fans were her “biggest querencia” over the last year as well, adding to her reasons behind the record’s title.

Chung Ha was joined on the virtual roundtable by Guaynaa, the Puerto Rican rapper who appears with her on ‘Demente’. The track marks the first Latin and K-pop collaboration for a female K-pop solo artist and Chung Ha said she would like the trend of the two cultures coming together to continue.

“I hope so,” she said when asked if she thought more Latin and K-pop artists would work together in the future. “I think music is about sharing and culture is about sharing.”