Chung Ha struggles with heartbreak in new ‘Killing Me’ music video

The singer’s new special single is out now

K-pop soloist Chung Ha has released a poignant music video for her new single ‘Killing Me’.

The visual follows Chung Ha as she tries to move on from a bad breakup. It opens with her seeming looking forward to a new day, before she is swept into a world of heartbreak as she is reminded of a former lover.

The singer attempts to party her pain away with friends  But by the end of the video, Chung Ha ends up sitting sullenly on a couch as her heartbreak takes over once again, while the party continues to rage on around her. “It’s killing me, killing me / Every day is a long tunnel / Again, I’m exhausted by the endless darkness,” she sings on the EDM-inspired pop song.


‘Killing Me’ marks Chung Ha’s first solo domestic release since her first full-length album ‘Querencia’, which dropped in February alongside its lead single ‘Bicycle’. The song later made it to NME’s list of best K-pop songs of 2021 so far, where it was described as a “banger of audacious magnitude”.

The singer had first hinted at her return to music last month during an interview with ELLE Singapore, where she said that her upcoming project would include “a lot more” sensual elements compared to February’s ‘Querencia’.

In the same interview, Chung Ha had also discussed her openness to pushing her lyrical boundaries. “In the future, I don’t want to put a limit on being a little more provocative or rude,” said the idol. “If I want to do it, I’ll just do it and not regret the decision. This has been the foundation of my motivation.”