Church accidentally builds giant baby Jesus statue resembling Phil Collins


A giant Jesus statue bearing an uncanny likeness to Phil Collins has been erected in a Mexican Church.

As the New York Post reports, the enormous figure of Christ is almost 22 feet tall and weighs 2000 pounds. It was built in the city of Chimalhuacán by sculptor Roman Salvador, before travelling 12 hours to its new home of La EpifanÍa del Señor church in the central Mexican state of Zacatecas.

Speaking to Central European News, priest Humberto Rodriguez explained that he’d only meant to commission a figure that would “fit the church” and “never intended to make it the biggest baby Jesus statue in the world.”


An image of the giant (and oddly hairy) baby Christ has since been shared online. Towering high above the church’s altar, the Jesus statue has been edited together with a snap of an ’80s era Collins. Naturally, Twitter has a lot to say.

“I laughed way too much at that Baby Jesus/Phil Collins statue. Fuck,” commented one fan. “Maybe Phil Collins looks like Jesus. Did you consider that?” asked another.

See the image below:


After the realising the sheer scale of their new Jesus, the Mexican church began researching the sizes of existing statues. Having discovered that the previous record-holder was a 16 feet and 661 pounds JC, Rodriguez revealed that he’s contacted Guinness World Records with hopes of being awarded an official title.

In a statement to the New York Post, Guinness said that the sculpture will become the first title-holder for “largest baby Jesus statue” if Rodriguez’s submission is approved.

Meanwhile, another Twitter user claimed that the figure looks more like acting icon Nicolas Cage…


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