Chvrches Lauren Mayberry on solo plans: ‘Eventually everyone in the band will do their own thing’

Singer also hits out at critics of Taylor Swift and Beyonce

Chvrches frontwoman Lauren Mayberry has revealed that she will go solo at some point in the future.

The singer, who’s band are currently touring the UK, claims she expects all three members of the band to go it alone eventually.

She told The Sunday Times: “At this point, the band is the focus. But eventually, everyone will go and do their own things.”


Mayberry also defended singers including Taylor Swift and BeyoncĂ© Knowles amid accusations they are not “feminist enough”.

She added: “People say Taylor Swift’s not feminist enough or BeyoncĂ©’s not feminist enough but there are 12-year-old girls going to their shows and taking an awesome message. You don’t have to be the [feminist] Gloria Steinem of pop. There are so many problems with feminism, as women spend a lot of time telling other women what to do and that distracts from the actual problem.

NMEPress/Danny Clinch

“It’s shocking the women who are like, ‘She should just shut up.'”

The singer also spoke out about an article she wrote about an abusive relationship in her past.

An excerpt from the essay obtained by Stereogum saw Mayberry talk about a man from her past who acted violently around her and the “final wake-up call” she needed to get out of the relationship.

“If you handed the younger me that article, I would find it helpful,” she said: “If, at this point, people listen to me, that’s a good thing.”


Chvrches are set to play London’s Alexandra Palace this Friday (November 27). Four Tet will also provide support on the date in the capital.