Chvrches to start work on new album in January 2015

The Glasgow trio also upload a cover of Seal's 'Crazy'

Chvrches have announced that they’re set to start work on their second album.

Having recently finished a UK tour in support of their 2013 debut, the band posted a picture to Facebook with the caption: “Over 365 shows in two years and we’re going home. Work on album two starts in January.”

Meanwhile, the group have also uploaded a clip of them singing Seal’s 1990s hit ‘Crazy’. You can watch that video via Facebook.

The Glasgow synth-pop band released their debut album ‘The Bones of What You Believe’ in September 2013, and previously stated that it could take between “four months” and “two years” to make their next album.

Keyboardist Iain Cook told Classic Pop in October: “You often see bands with a successful debut who get cocky, so they hash out something substandard and nobody gives a shit again. So we’re not overconfident, but pressure can work against you, too. We’re not going to put out anything we aren’t happy with. That could take four months, it could take two years.”

The band added that they may also build their own studio in Glasgow for the album, which they will produce themselves, as they did with ‘The Bones Of What You Believe’. Cook said: “Eventually, we’ll want to get other producers, but we’ll do the next album ourselves again. We’d drive a producer crazy, as we’re control freaks who’ve got the skills to do it ourselves. We don’t see the point.”