Chvrches on how ‘fear’ was used to sway people on Brexit and Scottish Independence

"The best thing about where we are right now is people being conscious," Lauren Mayberry said

Chvrches think fear was used as a tactic by pro-Brexit and Scottish Independence campaigners.

The Scottish trio have previously spoken of their individual Scottish independence votes, saying it was a “personal” one which they made on their own.

Now in a new interview, the band have opened up about the referendum and Brexit, speaking of the ‘lack of ability to engage and empathize with each other.’


“All of that ultimately probably comes from a place of hurt. If people are really hateful and disgusting in the way they treat other people, that probably came from a hurt place — but then, when does it stop? When does this spiral end? Sometimes you can get pretty melancholic about that,” Lauren Mayberry told The Fader.

“I think it comes from a place of fear as well,” Iain Cook added. “The idea of building walls and isolating and alienating ourselves from, for example, the rest of Europe. “I don’t trust this person because I don’t know them, or know what they want from me.” I think that contributes as well to wanting to withdraw.”

“It’s like an onion, there’s layers of fucking sadness to that,” Mayberry continued. “Because the people who are generally coming from a place of privilege, the politicians who are saying they’re gonna help these people, aren’t gonna help them.

“They’re helping people that are like them, they’re helping people who are in a high tax bracket, they’re helping businesses, they’re helping corporations, [not] the people that were fearful and confused.

“If your life sucks and someone tells you it’s because of somebody else, that’s where these things flourish and fester because everyone’s sad and afraid. And then you say you’re gonna help them, and you didn’t even do it. You dragged us out of Europe because people were afraid and you preyed on their fear, and you’re not even gonna help them anyway.”


Martin Doherty then likened the same effects on the Scottish referendum, saying, “The anti-Scottish independence campaign in the UK preyed on people’s fear about what would happen if Scotland was not in the European Union. But then a month later they were like, “Oh, by the way, see that whole campaign… we’re gonna leave the EU anyway.”

Meanwhile, Chvrches‘ Lauren Mayberry has called out Prime Minister Theresa May for not doing enough to improve life for women.