Chvrches’ Lauren Mayberry and Hatebreed’s Jamey Jasta clash over band’s slot at Deftones festival

"Just because someone plays or listens to 'pop music' doesn’t mean they don’t understand or appreciate other things"

Chvrches‘ singer Lauren Mayberry and Hatebreed‘s Jamey Jasta have crossed words online over the Scottish electropop band’s placing on a festival curated by Deftones.

Yesterday, Chvrches were announced for the second-from-top billing at Deftones’ upcoming Dia De Los Deftones Festival in San Diego.

However, Hatebreed’s frontman Jamey Jasta took issue with the band’s placing on the line-up above Gojira, questioning who the band even were.


“Who is churches with a v and why the fuck are they playing over Gojira?” he Tweeted. “Get tha fuuuuuck outtta here. Have you ever heard The Heaviest Matter In The Universe? You’re gonna get embarrassed off the stage lol no offence. God the music industry suckkkkks sometimes.”

He continued: “Update: googled Churches w/ a v, they gotta be huge they did a song with a guy w/ a Marshmallow mask and people LOOOOOVE IT. Good for them.”

Jasta later added: “I’m sure they’re lovely people and a popular group, I don’t agree with the line up order, same w/ other festivals, if anyone is butt hurt about my opinion wait until you hear the podcast! Metal needs to be shown more respect. Longer career, legacy, more albums, bill em higher.”

The singer then claimed to prefer bands that “play their instruments” to “track acts”, despite the fact that all three of Chvrches play across synth, percussion and guitar.

“Props to Chvrches booking agent though, that’s a gangster power move haha,” he added.


Responding, Chvrches’ Lauren Mayberry stated her and the band’s love of metal and praised Deftones for curating a line-up that celebrates diversity.

“I saw Gojira in Glasgow years ago and have seen Deftones three times so was excited when we got asked to be on the bill,” she replied. “Just because someone plays or listens to “pop music” doesn’t mean they don’t understand or appreciate other things.”

Mayberry added: “Deftones curated the lineup so I don’t know how that speaks to problems with The Music Industry. I think it’s important and powerful that they promote the idea of a diverse community and try to bridge gaps instead of being guided by limiting, antiquated ideas about genre.”

Earlier this month, Chvrches’ acclaimed third album ‘Love Is Dead‘ was nominated for the SAY (Scottish Album Of The Year) Award.

Mayberry also lent vocals to a track on ‘Tiny Changes’, a Frightened Rabbit covers album celebrating the band’s ‘Midnight Organ Fight‘ in memory of late frontman Scott Hutchison.

“It’s one of the most lyrically individual albums I have heard, especially coming out of Scotland, and as someone who was only a few years into playing in bands at that time, it was really inspiring to hear something so unique and honest,” Mayberry told NME of ‘The Midnight Organ Fight‘. “It’s rare to find an album that can be heartbreaking and thought provoking and funny, all at different points.”

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