Chvrches’ Lauren Mayberry discusses her response to ‘bullls**t’ album review

"You're not reviewing the music, you're reviewing what you think of me as a person."

Chvrches singer Lauren Mayberry has spoken out on her online response to a negative review that the band received for their third album earlier this week.

On Thursday, Mayberry responded to a ‘Premature Evaluation’ review from Stereogum which describes ‘Love Is Dead’ as a the record that “maintains the sparkle but can’t seem to find the spark”, claiming that it’s “not a faceplant, but it’s definitely a stumble”.

In turn, Mayberry posted a lengthy response on Twitter, describing the review as “bullshit” and claiming that it “says more about you than it does about its creator”.


Discussing her response for the first time since the exchange, Mayberry claimed that the original review was an attempt to critique her as a person, and not the band’s own creation.

“To me that wasn’t because it was a bad review. I think it’s different because I used to work in media and I feel like a lot of journalism is based on snark and celebrity culture”, Mayberry told NME at BBC Radio 1’s Biggest Weekend.

“The thing that annoyed me about is that it was you’re not reviewing the music, you’re reviewing what you think of me as a person and what you think of the things that I stand for and whether you think that’s superficial or not, whether it’s shallow or not.

“That’s fine if you wanna write about the music, but then don’t belittle the other things because you don’t like this record.

“Putting the word resistance in inverted commas isn’t funny, because that’s a thing that’s actually happening and I do feel like it’s easy for a person on a certain level of privilege to look down on those on another.”


Mayberry also admitted that the band’s extensive touring schedule played a big part in her decision to respond.

“I was also very jetlagged! It’s not good to be very tired and go on the internet”, she said.

“Given what the record’s about, it just felt very fucking jarring – like is this what you want to put out into the world?

“You wanna be celebrated for saying that you think another person is a bit shallow and a bit vapid because you don’t think their kind of protest is relevant.”

Elsewhere, Mayberry also opened up on the band’s decision to tackle darker themes on the third record – with ‘Graves’ seeing Chvrches tackling the tragic death of young Syrian refugee Alan Kurdi.

“I don’t think we were consciously trying to write about that from the beginning but it just kinda came out across the course of the writing”, Mayberry said.

“From our point of view, it’s always important that it feels like us and it would’ve been disingeneous to deliberately not include that.

“But it’s not a record of manifestos, if you’re deliberately excluding things from your album then you’re editing yourself.

“As a lyricist you should always try to be honest.”