Chvrches’ Lauren Mayberry calls out the music industry for ‘promoting records by sexual abusers and rapists’

The band call for more to be done to address sexual misconduct in music

Chvrches‘ singer Lauren Mayberry has called out the double standards of the entertainment industry – arguing that more needs to be done in attitudes towards those accused of sexual misconduct.

Having recently said that more needs to be done to act upon the message of the #MeToo movment, now Mayberry has said that the industry needs to be more ‘consistent’ in its approach to how it promotes the work of those accused of abuse. She mentioned Dr Luke in the wake of his legal dispute with Kesha as an example.

“There hasn’t been a shakedown of the music industry in the same way as there has been in the film industry, maybe because it’s not unionised in the same way,” she told Dazed. “But I keep thinking, ‘one day these dominoes are going to fall, surely’. Dr. Luke’s in the cold, but beyond that, has there really been much change? We’re still promoting and selling records by sexual abusers and rapists. You can’t say no to one thing and yes to another.”


She continued: “You can’t kick Harvey Weinstein out of the canon but still have Woody Allen, Roman Polanski, and Bill Cosby in there. Come on, guys! Let’s be consistent with our changes!”

Bandmate Iain Cook meanwhile, praised the #MeToo movement for making a lot more men “aware of how shitty guys are.”

CHVRCHES' Lauren Mayberry
CHVRCHES’ Lauren Mayberry

In 2015, Mayberry faced misogyny and criticism online for their video for ‘Leave A Trace‘. As a response, she told NME that real freedom was the best form of revenge.

“It’s not about winning – it’s about whether we choose to let ourselves be beaten,” Mayberry told NME. “You see stories on the news about teenage girls who kill themselves because they were slut-shamed on the internet, then people turn around and say it’s not real, that we should just ignore it. Is this not what riot grrrl was talking about in 1992?

“That they could wear whatever they wanted, because it was about their expression and their lives?”


Last month, Chvrches confirmed details of their third album ‘Love Is Dead‘ with the release new single ‘My Enemy’ featuring guest vocals from The National’s Matt Berninger.

Their new album ‘Love Is Dead’ will be released on May 25.

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