Circa Waves bring the energy as the Bestival arena re-opens

It’s always ‘T-Shirt Weather’ with them

The ever-changing weather has been causing problems at Bestival, which culminated in high winds resulting in the arena being evacuated and punters advised to head to their campsites this afternoon. But, as Circa Waves bounded on stage, all was briefly forgotten.

It was an unenviable slot to play – trying to inject energy into a slightly damp crowd, with a stage that had only just reopened – but with their northern charm and impossibly catchy indie hits, Circa Waves were the band to do it. Playing their last festival set of the summer, they blitzed their way through a set of songs from new record ‘Different Creatures’ and old favourites.

Opening with ‘Wake Up’, they got the crowd on their feet, and up and dancing. “Thank you very much for coming to see us” frontman Kieran Shudall roared.


“I know the weather’s been fucking terrible. We didn’t realise we’d be playing until fifteen minutes ago!”

As the crowd danced in the mud, Bestival-goers put their best foot forward and the cancellation of Loyle Carner thirty minutes earlier because of weather was a thing of the past. Tracks from their latest record went down a treat, but it was the older songs like ‘Stuck In My Teeth’ and ‘Fossils’ that reminded you why their new wave of indie anthems are so popular.

“Ladies and gentleman this is our last song of our festival season” Shudall told the crowd before their final song, “and then you can get more drunk and listen to Soulwax!” Surveying the crowd, he spotted a woman stood on her partner’s shoulders and encouraging other revelers to do the same: “it’ll be like a shit circus!”

As the opening chords of ‘T-Shirt Weather’ jangled out, the crowd whooped in appreciation; and as the heavens began to open Shudall told the audience “it’s about to rain, but don’t worry about it” before launching into the bridge of “it’s going to be okay!”

And they were right, the weather may be a mess, but with sets as fun as Circa Waves it doesn’t matter.


Circa Waves played:

Wake Up
Get Away
Young Chasers
Stuck In My Teeth
Fire That Burns
T-Shirt Weather