Circa Waves respond to Kasabian’s claims that guitar music is in “the abyss”

The Liverpool band chatted to NME backstage at Bestival.

Liverpool band Circa Waves have responded to Kasabian guitarist Serge Pizzorno’s recent assertion that guitar music is in “the abyss”. Watch our video interview with the band above.

The band, who recently released their guitar-heavy second album ‘Different Creatures’, addressed the quote when interviewed by NME backstage at Bestival.

“Has he heard Different Creatures!?” joked bassist Sam Rourke. Guitarist Joe Falconer added: “Was he talking about his own band?”


Falconer went to say: “I saw an interview with another band, a younger band, and they said the same thing. When we started, as well, we got asked that question… but actually, if you look around, there’s loads of guitar bands. Wolf Alice – great band.”

“In 10 years’ time we’re gonna say there’s no decent guitar bands and we’ll get some headlines,” joked Falconer.

Asked if bands have a responsibility to use their platform to talk politics, Rourke replied: “I think if you’ve got a platform, use it. But don’t think just because you’ve got a platform that means you’ve got something to say. “

In the wide-ranging chat, the band also discussed the sound of ‘Different Creatures, which veers from the light indie-pop of its predecessor, ‘Young Chasers’, to explore heavier riffs and more complex lyrics.

“It’s a bit more violent, now, the audiences,” Rourke said. “We used to get a couple of circle pits, but now we’ll have about 20.”


Falconer added: “We wanted something that kept things interesting for us. We didn’t wanna just be that same band. We wanna be around for a while, so we wanna progress.”