Circa Waves say their new album is ‘the future of rock music’

Liverpool band will release second album ‘Different Creatures’ in March

Circa Waves have described their upcoming new album as “one of the best rock records” and “the future of rock music”.

The Liverpool band will release second album ‘Different Creatures’ in March 10.

Speaking in this week’s NME (available nationwide now), frontman Kieran Shuddall said: “All of us wanted to make a massive change and bring in these different songs. We played indie songs before and I wanted to progress. The first album felt like a daytime record and this one’s based in the nighttime, if that makes sense. This one’s a lot more about the demons that I face – a lot of love, loss and anxiety. It’s also about the issues that everyone feels like they’re going through together at the moment. We’re in this weird time of change and everything has become different.”


“A lot of the first record was about restraint, and ‘Different Creatures’ is completely about letting loose. I just wrote the biggest song that I could. I like to think this will show people that we can be huge headliners, and that we can push ourselves in a completely unobstructed way. We want to prove to people that we’re future headliners. I want to headline them all: Glastonbury, Reading, Leeds.”

Shuddall added: “I honestly don’t think anyone has made a rock record like this in a long, long time. There have been a lot of bands coming out with stuff claiming that guitar music is back. People have been quite fumbling around that idea, whereas we’ve just gone straight to the point and made one of the biggest guitar records of 2017, easily. When people start to hear that, they’ll start to talk and be like, ‘They are the future of rock music.’ It may seem arrogant, but that’s the confidence I’ve got in this record. I believe in our music and in our band. We are one of the best live bands and this is one of the best rock records.”

“If you don’t like big guitars and that, you will struggle a bit, but the old ways are still massively in there. If you don’t like it, you can just listen to the old tracks over and over again. Catering yourself to people is never good for your art. You can’t just try and do what people want, because we’ll just live in a grey world. ‘Wake Up’ is gonna push some people away, but it’s going to introduce us to a whole new audience. We’ve got to keep moving forward. It’s boring staying in the same place.”

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Following their album release release, the group will embark on a full tour across the country. Support comes from Brighton’s The Magic Gang and Julian Casablancas’ favourites InHeaven.


The tour will include dates in Sheffield, Glasgow, Newcastle, Manchester, Liverpool, Oxford, Bristol, Nottingham, Birmingham, London, Norwich and Cambridge.

Circa Waves play the following dates:

Sheffield Academy (March 18)
Glasgow Barrowland (20)
Newcastle University (21)
Manchester Academy (23)
Liverpool University (24)
Oxford Academy (25)
Bristol Academy (27)
Nottingham Rock City (28)
Birmingham Institute (30)
London Forum (31)
Norwich UEA (April 3)
Cambridge Junction (40)