Circa Waves team up with ‘Game Of Thrones’ star Isaac Hempstead Wright for new ‘Fire That Burns’ video

The Bran Stark actor takes the band on a dark, '80s B-movie journey

Circa Waves have unveiled the dramatic new video for ‘Fire That Burns’ – featuring Game Of Thrones star Isaac Hempstead Wright. Check it out along with a Q&A with the actor and band below.

As the world awaits the return to Westeros for Game Of Thrones season 7, GoT superfans Circa Waves fulfil their own geeky dream by teaming with Bran Stark himself – Isaac Hempstead Wright for their chilling, new B-Movie-esque video for ‘Fire That Burns’ – taken from their upcoming new album ‘Different Creatures’, released on 10 March.

See the video here, and check out our interview on how they came to work together below.


While the band gear up to hit the road and Isaac returns to his A-Levels after finishing work on the show, we catch up with him and band frontman Kieran Shudall to find out how it all came about.

When were you first introduced to the music of Circa Waves?

Isaac: “My friend is their music agent and he told me to come down to this cool gig. It sounded fun so I gave some tunes a listen and it was all really good. I saw them live and I’ve been a big fan ever since.”

And assuming Circa Waves are all huge Game Of Thrones fans?

Kieran: “We all watch it. We all gather around the laptop and hold each other on the tour bus – hoping that no one else gets killed, but secretly hoping that everyone does.”


And you came to work together over Twitter?

Isaac: “Yeah, I got a notification saying that Circa Waves had followed me, which was cool. Then later on in the day a message popped up asking me to be in their music video. I was like ‘yeah, why the hell not? That would be amazing’.”

It’s a very dark and vivid video – what would you say that it gives to the track?

Isaac: “It’s central to the name and theme of the track of this fire burning within someone that may or may not be for the best. There’s this whole dark undertone and it adds to the whole atmosphere. It’s a really neat idea with this whole B-movie thing going on.”

Kieran: “We wanted to make a video where we’re not playing, then the director came back with this concept of it being like old Giallo horror movies, – shot in the sort of film-80s style. The concept was a thriller within a thriller.  I love anything that’s shot on film.”

Would you ever ask Circa Waves to make a cameo appearance in Game Of Thrones?

Isaac: “I wish I had that kind of creative, then I’d be asking all of my favourite bands to come and be in the show. I mean we’ve had Coldplay and Sigur Ros so nothing is ever really out of the question.”

Any other favourite actors or bands out there that you’d both like to work with?

Kieran: “I’d love to do a video with Bill Murray – like, a bank robbery video, but I don’t have his number, so I can’t. I hope he’s reading this though…”

Isaac: “I’ve always been a massive Libertines fan. I went through a long period of being obsessed with Pete Doherty and they have such a great sound and they’re so poetic.”

Meanwhile, Circa Waves’ upcoming tour dates are below

Saturday March 18th,     Sheffield Academy               
Monday March 20th,         Glasgow Barrowland                   
Tuesday March 21st,     Newcastle University       
Thursday March 23rd,     Manchester Academy         
Friday March 24th,         Liverpool University       
Saturday March 25th,     Oxford Academy   
Monday March 27th,         Bristol Academy       
Tuesday March 28th,     Nottingham Rock City        
Thursday Mar 30th,         Birmingham Institute        
Friday March 31st,         London Forum            
Monday April 3rd,         Norwich UEA            
Tuesday April 4th,         Cambridge Junction